Board Approves Plan for New Minority Scholarship

The IPTA Board of Directors has just approved the staff's proposal to donate Chapter funds to the Illinois Physical Therapy Foundation (IPTF) to start a minority scholarship fund. The IPTF oversees several other scholarships that are funded in a variety of ways, but this will be the first scholarship initially funded by the IPTA.

The idea for a minority scholarship came from the recommendations brought forward in 2017 by the Assembly of Representative's Diversity Task Force. However, the Board struggled with how to make such a scholarship sustainable without a designated funding source, similar to the ones in place for the IPTF's existing scholarships.

This fall, staff recognized that the APTA's recent decision to discontinue the NEXT conference provided an opportunity to redirect funds previously set aside to support student participation at that event towards the creation of a minority scholarship fund for Illinois.

Our Progress

The IPTF is working with the newly created IPTA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee to create this new scholarship and application process.  The IPTF is hoping to be able to offer this new scholarship in early 2022.

Help Fund this Scholarship

While the IPTA Board approved donating excess student support to begin the funding process for this scholarship, you can donate to this scholarship as well.  If you wish to contribute, please DONATE HERE

 The IPTF is looking forward to being able to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the physical therapy profession.  We will send out an announcement once the scholarship details have been established.