Student Emergency Assistance Fund

The Illinois Physical Therapy Association has allocated funds to assist students who experience a sudden financial hardship that jeopardizes their ability to attend or participate in their class or clinical rotation. These funds are intended to be used to overcome an unanticipated challenge such as medical co-pays and prescriptions due to an illness, a car repair, or essential needs such as food and toiletries that are in jeopardy due to needing a textbook or a background check for a clinical rotation. This funding is for an immediate,  urgent, one time need that must be addressed in the next seven days that otherwise potentially risks the student's ability to participate/continue in their school program.

The intent of these funds is to identify students who may be at risk and offer initial short-term financial assistance, as well as connect them with a member of their school faculty who can offer ongoing guidance and support.

These funds are being managed by our foundation, the IPTF,  and the process for applying for assistance is as follows:

  • In order to apply for funds, students must connect with a faculty member at their PT or PTA program to sponsor their application for funds.
    • The sponsor is expected to work with the student to identify the specific need, amount needed and best use of funds to resolve the issue and help the student plan for future expenses
      • Examples:  Shopping for price of tire (dealership versus discount tire center), helping to create a budget and prioritize spending, sharing links to scholarship opportunities (check out IPTF!)
  • Application is by email and should include the following:
    • Student's name, year in school, email address and phone number
    • Faculty member name and email address
    • Statement of situation and dollars requested, date needed and how the funding could be distributed most efficiently
  • Application should be sent to:
    • Colleen Flannery, Executive Director ([email protected])
    • Subject Line:  Student Emergency Assistance Fund Application - Student Last Name
    • Students may call the Chapter office at 630.904.0101 to notify the staff of the submission to ensure that the email is received by the Executive Director (not sent to spam)
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Executive Director and Treasurer and the student will receive a reply within 24 hours.
    • If approved, arrangements for funding distribution will be made immediately with a goal of disbursement in less than 72 hours.
    • Funding mechanism will be based on situation and may include credit card payment directly to service provider or vendor or funds transfer directly to student via Zelle or Venmo.

This fund is intended to cover small financial hardships and no request is too small for consideration. We recognize that even $50 can not only get a student past a shortfall but also relieve some anxiety that can negatively impact their educational experience and performance. We have also set a cap of $500 for an individual request for assistance so that we can make the dollars allocated for this fund available to as many students as possible.

It is important to understand that this is not a scholarship and is intended to cover emergency expenses that cause a temporary hardship for a student.  Each application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and the decision of the Executive Director and Treasurer is final. The Executive Director may contact the student or faculty member during the review process and ask for additional information to clarify the situation or to expedite the funding process.

Questions about this program can be sent to [email protected].

Student Assistance Fund