Confidence and Perceived Role of Physical Therapists in Treating Patients Who Are Pre- and Postpartum in the Outpatient Setting: A Survey Study

Currently, there are no national or international
guidelines available for therapists to utilize as they treat patients who wish to continue or return to a specific activity after having a baby. Our survey aims to identify a gap in the literature and existing knowledge contributing to a perceived decrease in confidence levels of outpatient physical therapists when treating patients who are presenting pregnant or postpartum. These findings will serve to substantiate preliminary recommendations regarding treatment guidelines, guide future research, and raise awareness regarding treating this patient population.
With our research, we hope to fill this gap of knowledge within the field of physical therapy. Researchers in the Department of Physical Therapy at Rosalind Franklin University are conducting a survey study to gain insight into outpatient physical therapists' confidence and perceived role as they treat patients who are presenting pregnant and postpartum. Our research team includes six Doctor of Physical Therapy students and Dr. Natalie Turrentine as the Principal Investigator.


Natalie Turrentine, PT, DPT, OCS, MSHA. Email address: or
IRB approval number - CHP20-211
Rosalind Franklin University
Study Dates: February 2020 to June 2022, with initial distribution and follow up from all distributors to assist with response rate at the 3rd week and 6th week from the published date

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Motivational Interviewing in Physical Therapy Practice

The objective of this survey is to investigate the awareness, utilization, and perceptions of motivational interviewing (MI) in physical therapy (PT) practice and to explore the variables associated with MI use, as well as the barriers that prevent its usage. MI is an evidence-based method of facilitating behavior change and has been supported in PT practice as an effective means of increasing adherence to home exercise programs and improving objective treatment outcomes. This study will provide a necessary overview of the current status of MI in PT in the US in order to inform researchers and educators about areas of opportunity and focus. Questions included in the survey will assess general awareness of motivational interviewing (MI), perceptions of applicability of MI in PT practice, use of MI skills, and beliefs about PT roles (please refer to the full survey “Motivational Interviewing in Physical Therapy Practice”). The data will be collected and stored in REDCap until it is downloaded for analysis and will not be shared with any external entity. The analyzed data will be reported in aggregate only for publication purposes.


Dr. Eric Kruger, PT, DPT, MS
The University of New Mexico, School of Medicine, Division of Physical Therapy
HSSB215, 505-272-5784

Study Dates: April 11, 2019 to May 1, 2020

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