Exploring Sense of Belonging among Latino/a/x Doctor of Physical Therapy Students, a Phenomenological Study.

This research study aims to explore the lived experience of Latino/a/x Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) students through a focus on sense of belonging. This study seeks to gain better insight into how a sense of belonging impacts the educational and professional experience of Latino/a/x DPT students. The information obtained from this study may help improve the connection between the students' institution and the profession of physical therapy as a whole, giving Latino/a/x DPT students greater opportunities for success and retention within their programs and, potentially, their future careers.

Participation requirements: The research study will be conducted through individual virtual Zoom interviews with Latino/a/x DPT students to discuss their personal experiences. There will be one main interview, lasting approximately 1 hour. Participants may be contacted after the interview for additional information via email or Zoom.

Inclusion Criteria: (1) Currently enrolled and taking courses in a graduate-level DPT program in the US, (2) self-identify as Latino/a/x, (3) at least 18 years of age, and (4) have access to a stable internet connection and Zoom.

Exclusion Criteria: (1) Currently enrolled in DPT program but have not begun taking courses, (2) enrolled in a DPT program outside the US, (3) enrolled in the DPT program at Rosalind Franklin University, (4) does not self identify as Latino/a/x, and (5) unable to participate in an interview via Zoom.



Amanda Wolff, SPT. Email address is
IRB approval number: 03152022_CHP22-333
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
Dates:The first interview will begin on 4/3/22 and the last interview will be on 5/1/22


The Prevalence of stress and burnout in physical therapist clinical instructors.

The purpose of this study is to determine the prevalence of stress and burnout in physical therapist clinical instructors. Participation includes a one-time completion of a single online survey with three (3) parts. The first part will be a demographics form to gather information about the participants taking the survey. The other two parts are outcome measures aimed at measuring stress and burnout levels. All three parts are taken at one time, and each part should take no more than five (5) minutes for a total of fifteen (15) minutes to complete the surveys. The desired outcome of this study will be to identify the prevalence of stress and burnout in clinical instructors from various clinical settings.


Ryan Pontiff, PT, DPT, PhD(c) Email:
IRB approval number - IRB-FY2021-380
Texas Woman's University
Study Dates: 7/22/21-7/21/22

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Confidence and Perceived Role of Physical Therapists in Treating Patients Who Are Pre- and Postpartum in the Outpatient Setting: A Survey Study

Currently, there are no national or international
guidelines available for therapists to utilize as they treat patients who wish to continue or return to a specific activity after having a baby. Our survey aims to identify a gap in the literature and existing knowledge contributing to a perceived decrease in confidence levels of outpatient physical therapists when treating patients who are presenting pregnant or postpartum. These findings will serve to substantiate preliminary recommendations regarding treatment guidelines, guide future research, and raise awareness regarding treating this patient population.
With our research, we hope to fill this gap of knowledge within the field of physical therapy. Researchers in the Department of Physical Therapy at Rosalind Franklin University are conducting a survey study to gain insight into outpatient physical therapists' confidence and perceived role as they treat patients who are presenting pregnant and postpartum. Our research team includes six Doctor of Physical Therapy students and Dr. Natalie Turrentine as the Principal Investigator.


Natalie Turrentine, PT, DPT, OCS, MSHA. Email address: or
IRB approval number - CHP20-211
Rosalind Franklin University
Study Dates: February 2020 to June 2022, with initial distribution and follow up from all distributors to assist with response rate at the 3rd week and 6th week from the published date

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Efficacy of an Interactive Web-Based Home Therapy Program in the Recovery of Arm and Hand function following Stroke: A Randomized Trial (STRONG)

Due to the increasing prevalence
of stroke, there is a need for
strategies that allow individuals to
train at home and manage/
progress their rehabilitation
duration and intensity. This study
also aims to improve quality of life,
independent, and social
participation in a long run. We
intend to enroll 134 participants in

Contact Information

Jean Udo, Research Coordinator
IRB Approval Number: HP-000777863
University of Maryland, School of Medicine
Study Dates: 12/1/2021 - 8/1/2022

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Microaggressions experienced by physical therapist students during clinical education

Faculty at Northwestern University Department of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences are recruiting current physical therapist students or recent graduates to participate in 90-minute interviews via telephone, video conference, or in-person in Chicago. Participants will be compensated for their time. Please contact Tobey Yeates at the number/email below if interested or share this information with your students.
Please contact Tobey DeMott Yeates, PT, DPT at (or 312-503-1062).

Contact Information

Tobey DeMott Yeates , PT, DPT (or 312-503-1062).
IRB Approval Number: STU00216014
Northwestern University Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences Program
Study Dates: 912/1/2021 - 12/31/2022

Treatment of Post-Operative Pain Following Orthopedic Surgery with SPRINT® Peripheral Nerve Stimulation System in a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial

The purpose of the study is to gather data on the use of the PNS therapy, a non-opioid alternative, for treatment of knee pain following total knee replacement. Participation includes up to 60 days of stimulation with weekly office or telephone visits. After stimulation is complete, subjects are followed for a year from the start of treatment.



Lora Huma, Research Coordinator,
IRB Approval #: WIRB 20182436
Dates: Start/End: Aug2020 – Sep2022
Funding Source: SPR Therapeutics and DOD
Northshore University HealthSystem


The prevalence and knowledge of electromyography as a diagnostic tool used by physical therapists in clinical settings in Illinois

Researchers in the department of Physical Therapy at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (RFUMS) are conducting a survey to examine the prevalence and clinical implications of EMG use as a diagnostic tool among practicing physical therapists in Illinois. As a licensed physical therapist, please complete the survey. The survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. If you have any questions or concerns, please email the primary investigator Dr. Naglaa Elskenidy at Thank you for your participation.

Contact information

Dr. Naglaa Elskenidy at
IRB Approval #: CHP22-328
Dates: Start: April 4, 2022 - End: July 22, 2022
Institution: Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

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To submit your project to be posted, email the following to Linda Griffith, Operations & Special Projects Manager

Program Title
IRB Approval Information
Dates of Study (Start/End)
Funding Source
Primary Contact Name, E-Mail Address
Institution (if applicable)

Projects are reviewed and, if accepted, are posted within 30 days of submission.

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Exploring Balance Assessment Practices and Utilization of Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy Falls Clinical Guidance Statement by U.S.-Practicing Physical Therapists: A mixed-methods approach

Falls and balance impairments are prevalent in older adults. Balance is a modifiable risk factor that PTs can address to reduce falls. PTs should utilized evidence-based tools such as the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy (AGPT) falls Clinical Guidance Statement (CGS). The purpose of this study is to explore the balance assessment practices of U.S.- practicing PTs, specifically, addressing the utilization of American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) balance tests and measures and the AGPT CGS in the management of falls.


Franceah Palencia-Quijano, PT, DPT, OCS, PhD(c) Email address:
IRB approval number - 2022-298
Seton Hall University School of Health and Medical Sciences
Study Dates: 02/14/22 to 02/14/23

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