PT Access

What is PT Access?

PT Access is a model program designed to facilitate the provision of pro bono outpatient physical therapy (PT) services in existing clinics throughout Illinois.

Its goal is to connect low-income, uninsured PT patients with volunteer PTs so that all Illinois residents will have access to PT services despite a lack of financial resources and access to healthcare insurance.

Our vision is to create a sustainable model program that can be put into practice throughout Illinois, and ultimately in other states.

How it works

The PT Access program will recruit volunteer PTs from participating PT clinics who are willing to treat low- income, uninsured patients and clients in their clinics. These patients will be referred from cooperating medical clinics that provide low-cost or free care. These clinics will screen referred patients to ensure they meet program criteria of being uninsured and below a 250%-300% poverty level income. Participating PT clinics can accept as many or as few referrals as they desire each month.

This DuPage County Pilot Program was launched in July 2022. Physical Therapy clinics and practitioners located within DuPage and its collar counties are now invited to submit interest forms to learn more about participating.

To learn more about the meaning and value of pro bono work please visit the IPTA Virtual Library for the #THIRD THURSDAY program: PT ACCESS: Pro Bono Physical Therapy Services in Illinois.

Watch this website for more information as the PT ACCESS program develops. Feel free to contact the committee with any questions at: [email protected]

The PT Access Story

In 2018, Phyllis Levine, PT, DPT, retired from her full-time practice and wanted to find a way she could provide pro bono physical therapy services to PT patients from underserved populations. After discovering that this was more challenging than she anticipated, she became determined to make it easier.

Levine formed a committee to design and build a PT pro bono system in Illinois. Joining her were Teri Elliott-Burke, PT, DPT, MHS; Gail Huber, PT, PhD; Demetra John, PT, PhD; Ashley Kanelos, PT, DPT;  and Hollis Light, PT.  With the valued assistance of IPTA staff Linda Griffith and Colleen Flannery, the IPTF Pro Bono Committee developed this pilot PT ACCESS program.