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Looking forward to the 2021 Midwestern University Student Challenge on November 30, 2021!

Last year, we had 4 DPT and 2 PTA programs participate in #Giving Tuesday.  Our goal for 2021 is to increase that participation to 15 DPT and PTA programs.
The fox College #Giving Tuesday challenge, along with other student sponsored fundraisers, was so successful  that the IPTF was able to offer a new scholarship:  the Student to Student Scholarship which was awarded to Sara Stankoskey, SPT.  The IPTF hopes to award 2 scholarships this year, thanks to your support.  Who will receive this scholarship in 2021?  Any SPT or SPTA in their final year of their program can apply.
even if you aren’t a student, you can help them reach their goal!  Your gift to the IPTF on #Giving Tuesday will go towards funding student scholarships and helping develop our future as a profession.
All donations support the IPTF, public education about PT, PT research conducted in Illinois, and student scholarships.
Donations are 100% tax deductible.

    The IPTF Mission supports physical therapists unique position as human movement experts. We promote physical therapy research conducted in Illinois, develop the future of our profession through student scholarships, and educate the public about the benefits of physical therapy and how it can help them lead healthier lives.



    Many thanks to all who helped us cELEBRATE THE SECOND ANNIVERSARY!! direct access has made a huge impact on how patients can access physical therapy.  Here's a patient testimonial--
    "I was happy to have heard the news that direct access passed, because I don't have health insurance I try to keep doctor's visits to a minimum. When, my back wasn't getting better with acupuncture, my acupuncturist recommended FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers - Naperville.  I was grateful that I didn't need to see an MD first and now 10 visits later I am feeling so much better. "
    ALL DONATIONS support the IPTF's mission of educating the public, growing the future of the profession through student scholarships, supporting physical therapy research conducted in illinois, and promoting the phsyical therapy profession.  Your generosity is amazing!  thank you!

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    Planned Giving

    Leave a legacy for physical therapy through IPTF. There are several options for including the Illinois Physical Therapy Foundation in your estate planning.

    A general bequest states that a specific amount of money, a percentage of your estate or a certain piece of property, be given at the time of your death.  For most people, a gift of a percentage of the remaining estate after taxes and debts have been fulfilled is the most appropriate use of a general bequest.

    The following sample language illustrates how a general bequest to IPTF might be phrased in your will or trust:

    I give, devise, and bequeath      % of my Estate, after taxes and debts have been satisfied, to the Illinois Physical Therapy Foundation, an Illinois non-profit corporation, located in Naperville, Illinois.

    I give, devise and bequeath that the amount $      be given to the Illinois Physical Therapy Foundation, a non-profit corporation, located in Naperville, Illinois.