purchase a paver on the legacy walk at IPTA chapter office

Step up and help us pave the way for the future of physical therapy

The Legacy Walk gives members and friends an opportunity to become a part of the Chapter’s rich history and its future by purchasing engraved pavers to be installed in the brick pathway outside of the IPTA chapter office in Naperville. Groups or individuals can use the pavers to commemorate special occasions, honor professional contributions or memorialize past or current members. (For ideas, see how others have used the bricks below.)

The purpose of the Legacy Walk is to Support Physical Therapy Research here in Illinois! While the Legacy Walk was initially formed to help IPTA meet its pledge to raise $22,500 to help fund the Foundation for Physical Therapy’s Center for Excellence in Health Services Research, we have met our goal through the help from our many generous benefactors. Now you can STEP UP and PAVE the WAY for RESEARCH in ILLINOIS. All proceeds from your purchase of a paver for the Legacy Walk will help fund our $1000 Research Grants, support student scholarships, and educate the public about physical therapy. Besides helping to raise funds, the Legacy Walk  is a timeless tribute to the importance of physical therapy and to the individuals committed to preserving its future. Help IPTF  support its’ mission and create your own legacy in Physical Therapy! All paver purchases are 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE. We challenge you to take the first step today!

All together we are supporting the IPTF Mission!

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  • Honoring our newest Legacy Pavers

Why buy a paver? You can use it to:


  • A Professor

    Acknowledge a professor who played a special role in your physical therapy education.


    Show your appreciation for received guidance and support.

  • past & present members

    Thank members for their personal contributions to the profession of physical therapy.


    Acknowledge years of service in leadership roles.


  • professional accomplishment

    Mark the day you received your license or received special acknowledgement for your work in PT.

  • years in practice

    Record milestones or look back at your career years at retirement.


    Commemorate your graduating class or declare your personal dedication to physical therapy.

  • private practices

    Recognize the achievement of opening your private practice.



    Memorialize a professional peer with a lasting token of your remembrance.

  • Special dates

    Note past experiences, missions, teams, special projects or community events.

Paver sizes

4" x 8" brick


  • Laser engraved
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Maximum 3 lines, 15 characters per line.
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12" x 12" BRICK


  • Laser engraved
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Maximum 9 lines, 20 characters per line.
  • ADD A LOGO (will impact number of characters that can be included)
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Once payment for your paver has been completed, please call Linda Griffith at 630-904-0101 or send an email to lgriffith@ipta.org with your engraving instructions.

For any questions regarding brick paver purchase, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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